Making Dreams a Reality for Children 

Our Homes
DCF provides well maintained and decorative single family homes for foster children who cannot be safely placed in a family. Children receive short-term, residential care with specific care plans and intensive therapeutic interventions and services to support transition to a family.  Each Group Home provides housing for six (6) female youth. Our professionally trained and educated staff includes 24 hour Childcare Workers and contracted Licensed Clinical Social Workers who provide weekly individual and group therapy.

Mental Health Services
Our Clinical Social Workers, work together with Licensed Psychologists and Psychiatrists  as a team to provide treatment evaluations. via individualized needs and assessment plans, psychological and psychiatric evaluations. DCF also, provides medication maintenance when necessary as well as family counseling.

Educational Services
DCF provides educationally enriched study and tutorial services. Our staff consists of an educational liaison worker, who works directly with schools to ensure educational success leading to graduation. Computers are available at each home to aide with their educational needs.  Our successful Emancipation Program prepares youth for transitioning into higher education (college, trade school, job corps, etc…) and independent adult life.  

Recreational Activities 
Every week, our youth participate in a variety of social, educational and cultural community outings. Our goal is to expose them to positive alternatives and resources that will enrich the quality of their lives while giving them the opportunity to see life from a different perspective. The ultimate vision of DCF is to create and nurture dreams to become reality. We promote within each child the belief that “what we think and what we dream tends to materialize into who we become.”

Company Profile

The Dream Catcher Foundation

 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit

Founded: 2006

The Dream Catcher Foundation has a dedicated and committed board

Kim Jones                  Board President

Raphael Johnson      Board Vice President

Stanley Tolliver          Board Treasurer

Sandy Richardson     Board  Secretary

Candyce Jenkins       Board Member